Founded in 1992 by a group of young and caring professionals, SAP-VN (Social Assistance Program for Viet Nam) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-religious humanitarian organization based in Garden Grove, California. The organization's EIN/Tax ID is 33-0539755.

SAP-VN's primary objective is to provide direct relief to poor and needy people, especially orphans and handicapped children, mainly in health care, education and social welfare.

In 25 years, SAP-VN has established 7 main humanitarian projects/programs throughout Vietnam:

  • Orthopedic Surgery Program (1993): "A Chance to Walk!"
  • Cleft-Palate/Lip Surgery (1993): "A Smile for a Child"
  • Mobile Health Care Project (1994)
  • Education Projects (1995)
  • Wheelchair Program (1997)
  • Natural Disaster Relief Projects (1996)
  • Cataract Surgery Program (2005): "A Gift of Sight"

Funding for SAP-VN's programs primarily comes from private donations and fundraising proceeds. Medical supplies are donated by local pharmaceutical corporations, and hospitals.

All donations to SAP-VN are tax deductible as permitted by the law. Since 2002, SAP-VN has held an annual fundraising gala dinner, called, "A Gift of Hope". These funds have giving the gift of hope "free orthopedic corrective surgeries" to thousand handicapped children in Vietnam.

SAP-VN is an entirely volunteer-based organization in which board members, officers and volunteers in US receive no salary or compensation. Our relief efforts are carried out directly by SAP-VN's members (from the U.S.) and associates in Vietnam. SAP-VN is managed by a board of seven directors who are responsible for planning, making decisions, campaigning for funding, monitoring activities, and handling all legal matters. A three-member executive committee is responsible for carrying out and following-up on daily activities which has been decided by the board of directors.

Green Cross is a SAP-VN's newsletter which publicizes SAP-VN's activities in the U.S. and Vietnam. Green Cross is distributed free to all friends and donors who have contacted SAP-VN. To receive SAP-VN's newsletter regularly, please e-mail or mail your name and address to SAP-VN.

For 25 years, SAP-VN has been bringing hope to thousands of poor and needy people, especially orphans and handicapped children, in Vietnam. On behalf of those beneficiaries, SAP-VN would like to acknowledge the generous contributions from our sponsors and friends, our dedicated volunteers which have made our programs a great success.

Board of Directors:

  • Khanh Dang, Pharm.D.
  • Trung Doan, D.D.S.
  • Huong Anh Long, M.D.
  • Chau Nguyen, O.D.
  • Chi-Lan Nguyen
  • Thinh Nguyen
  • Oanh Ress

Executive Board:

  • Oanh Ress, Interim President
  • Thanh Nguyen, President Emeritus
  • Susan Huong Le, Secretary
  • Phuong Le, Treasurer
  • Quan Vu, Treasurer
  • Nghia Nguyen, Vietnam Associate
  • Hue Tang, Vietnam Associate

Board of Directors

Khanh Dang, Pharm.D.Director
Trung Doan, D.D.S.Director
Huong Anh Long, M.D.Director
Chau Nguyen, O.D.Director
Chi-Lan NguyenDirector
Thinh NguyenDirector
Oanh RessDirector

Executive Board

Oanh RessInterim President
Thanh NguyenPresident Emeritus
Susan Huong LeSecretary
Phuong LeTreasurer
Quan VuTreasurer
Nghia NguyenVietnam Associate
Hue TangVietnam Associate


Address & Info

Address: 12881 Knott Street, Suite 116, Garden Grove, CA 92841
Phone: (714) 901-1997
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
EIN/Tax ID: 33-0539755

Office Hours: Most Saturdays 11AM - 5PM

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