Mobile Health Care Program 2012

Detail Report for the 2012 Trip

SAP-VN’s Mobile Care Assignment in Binh Minh District, Vinh Long Province – August 6-10, 2012

Detail Report for 2012 Trip

The Mobile Care Team From the U.S. (except where noted):

Physicians: Viet Huynh, Van-Khanh Le, Huong-Anh Long, Hoang-Khai Nguyen (VN), Thanh-Trang Nguyen (VN), Van-Thao Thuy Nguyen (VN), Thuan Tran

Dentists: Trung Doan, Hoa Duong, Vu Duong, Yen Duong, Thuy-Hien Nguyen, My-Hang Nguyen, James Tran

Pharmacists: Kelvin Dang, Vicent Dang, Thach Do, Phuong Le, Trinh Le (VN), Tam Nguyen, Thu-Huong Nguyen

Optometrist: Thanh-Tu Ngo(VN), Thanh-Truc Tran (VN)

Support: My-Linh Cong Huyen Ton Nu, Ryan Dang, Brittney Doan, Brandon Duong, Christina Duong, Vivian Duong, Hai-Duong Ho, Tea Hoang, Linh Le, Van Le, Christine McAnlis, Hong Ngo, An-Quang Nguyen, Andrea Nguyen, Andrew Tuan-Cuu Nguyen, Annabelle Nguyen, Bao-Han Nguyen, Dao Nguyen, Hannah Nguyen, Kinh-Vy Nguyen, Lam K Nguyen, Matthew Nguyen, Minh-Tam Nguyen, Nikki Nguyen, Phuong K. Nguyen, Phuong V. Nguyen, Randall Nguyen, Richard Nguyen, Robert Nguyen, Ryan Nguyen, Thanh Nguyen, Chuong Pham (VN), Olivier Pham, Srivani Tangella, Huan Tran (VN), Adriane Tran, Philip Tran, Tuyet Vo, Binh Vu, Hung Vu Vietnam staff: Do Quang Hai, Vu Thi Diem Thu

Monitor: Poongothai Balachandran, Vicent Lay, Mareeshkannan Nallaiyan, Trang Ngo, Hang Nguyen, Matthew Nguyen, Victor Nguyen, Jolly Pham, Jocelyn Tran

*all team members paid for their own airfare, lodgings, and meals


Funding: Limited Brands/MAST Cares, TSAM

In-Kinds: Alcon, Inc., Allergan, Inc., AmeriCares, Ampharco U.S.A., Edinger Medical Group, First Street Med Plaza Pharmacy, Huu Toan Co. (VN), KNL Foundation & Partners in Restoring Vision and Improving Lives (PRVAIL), Mai Linh Corp. (VN), Hansae Vietnam Corp. (VN), Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center-San Pedro, Sunflower Mission, Ultralight Optics, Private sponsors

General diagnosis:

Hypertension, goiter, upper respiratory tract infection, general infection, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, malnutrition, dental caries, periodontal diseases, anterior ocular diseases, presbyopia, cataract

General treatment plan:

Antihypertensives, topical/ophthalmic/oral antibiotics, gastrointestinal meds, steroid injection, pain meds, cold & cough meds, multiple vitamins, dental extraction/filling/cleaning, dental hygiene supplies, reading glasses, cataract surgery

Thank You Letter from Chau Nguyen

Dear past and current SAP-VN mobile care team,

Now that we have thanked everyone under the galaxy upon the completion of this 2012 mobile care mission, I might as well join the chorus to properly and formally acknowledge some of our long termed behind-the-scene pioneers & supporters. When you really think about it, if it were not for their early effort, dated back to 1994, we would not have a mobile care team, or a mobile care team as you know it today.

1) To the veteran founders/supporters c/o the docs (Mai-Khanh, Thai-Van, Denise, Trung, Chi, Quy-Minh, bac Tuong-Vi, Vinh, Vicky, Binh…), and the support team (di My-Linh, chi Kieu-Nhi, Thuc Em, co Tuyet, Linh, Hung, Ocean…), who have anchored and built up the team for the past 18 years to its present popular level: now that some of you have officially retired from the mission, i hope that you are very aware of your significant contribution to the project. So all I can say is thank you and thank you. Happy retirement! I wish you health & happiness, and hope you would continue to support the mobile care team in your own way.

2) To Ampharco USA c/o bac Xuan-Nhan, anh Phuong and Thai-Van: thank you for supporting our work since 1994. It would have been very difficult and expensive to do medical mission in Vietnam without your assistance with the local medicine order. Things might change with time but nothing could change the fact that you have been there for the team from the very beginning. So thank you and very best wishes.

3) To the MAST/TSAM teams c/o chi Jocelyn Tran and Thai-Van: you started providing major funding and people support to the mobile care team since 2006. You also connect us with the transportation sponsors in Vietnam. You even rebooked our hotel rooms when our own hotel dumped us. We realize we don’t do well without your group’s help after experiencing a few near riot incidents every time the MAST team departed early from the mission. Thank you for being such an invaluable and consistent local partner to the mobile care team. I hope you would continue to support the team for as long as you could.

4) To the KNL foundation c/o chi Kieu-Nhi Le: you guided my first Vietnam VOSH trip in 1992, and continue to support the mobile care team’s operation until today. Without your unconditional support, there would be no optometry team because we would have no reading glasses to dispense. So thank you to anh Joe and chi Kieu-Nhi for your generosity. Please keep inspiring the team by sending us those readers once a year chi!

5) To our corporate sponsors: Alcon 1993 – present c/o anh Neil Nguyen & Quang Pham, Allergan 1997 – present, AmeriCares 2000 – present, Bausch & Lomb 2012 – present, Baxter/Allegiance 1994 – 1999 c/o Kenneth Vu, Edinger Medical Group 1997 – present c/o Mai-Khanh Tran: thank you for standing by the mobile care team all this time!

6) To Huu Toan Company 2006 -2011 c/o co Vinh Nguyen: your assistance with airport pick-up, transportation, equipment and storage was very helpful to the mobile care team’s work during those years. We thank you for that.

7) To the current mobile care team organizers, sub-team leaders, local associates, team volunteers: an advance THANK YOU and the best of luck to all your future missions.

8) To all the past & current core mobile care team volunteers: thank you for your goodwill and all the wonderful memories!


Chau Nguyen


Thank You Letter Photo

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