Quang Nam – The Forgotten Flood Region 2020

**The purpose of this special fundraising is to help the recent flood victims in Quang Nam, Vietnam. This appeal is separate from SAP-VN’s annual Gift of Hope fundraising efforts taking place November 27-December 4, 2020. If you would like to donate to one of our regular projects, please visit our website at sap-vn.org and mark the desired project you would like to contribute towards.**

Greetings to all SAP-VN volunteers and donors,

As news and images of the recent floods and landslides caused by tropical storms Linfa, Nangka, Ofel, and Molave came to our attention, we felt inclined to aid the victims of this record-breaking disaster that pummeled Vietnam’s central coast. The central coast is particularly endearing to SAP-VN because our Mobile Care 2019 mission to Dong Giang and Nam Giang was located in this region. Additionally, Mobile Care 2020 was set to take place in this same locality, but was canceled due to COVID-19.

Much of the flood relief efforts and donations have been directed towards Hue and Quang Binh. People living in the remote, heavily flooded regions of Quang Nam, such as the indigenous Co Tu population that we served during Mobile Care 2019, have been forgotten and neglected.

This is a special donation request for the people in the remote regions of Quang Nam. Unlike other aid groups, SAP-VN’s purpose is not focused on immediate needs such as providing food and first aid. Our goal is to help communities in Quang Nam rebuild their lives once the floodwater recedes as such tragedies will surely push these people further towards the brink of poverty.

For this special project, SAP-VN will be selecting to work with the small “forgotten” village(s) in  Tra My where Mobile Care 2020 was set to take place. We will work directly with the community towards the following goals:

  1. Provide scholarships for children who have lost their parent(s) in the flood.
  2. Provide school uniforms and supplies for children who lost these items in the flood so they can continue their schooling.
  3. Repair homes and infrastructure depending on available funds.
  4. Repurchase livestock for villagers depending on available funds.

Right now, you have the opportunity to double your donation to help those affected by these catastrophic floods and landslides. SAP-VN will match your donation 1:1 up to $10,000. Please be assured that a SAP-VN associate in Vietnam will personally be onsite to ensure that your donation will only be used towards the above stated goals.

Daily updates regarding this special project will be available on SAP-VN’s FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/sapvn.charity). A summary report will be available in our website for your review once the project is completed.

You can send in your tax-deductible donation for this special fundraising effort for the flood victim of Quang Nam by the following means:

For donation receipts and acknowledgement, please write your name, email address, and “FLOOD RELIEF” in the comment section.

Thank you for your generosity. Together we can make a difference.

SAP-VN Quang Nam flood relief team.

Year Location Beneficiary
2020-2021 Quảng Nam, Quang Ngai Provide scholarships, repair house, buy livestock

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