Saturday, November 7th, 9:30AM – 1:ooPM

Location: 12881 Knott St., Suite 116, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Tasks: Making Hygiene Kits and 30 to-go sack lunches for 2 Homeless Shelters
*** We will need 10 people to help sorting and packing hygiene kits, sack lunches
Please bring your own masks and gloves
The hygiene kits will be distributed intact to the families living in Pathways of Hope’s Shelter and Friendship’s Shelter. Pathways of Hope currently have 80 people in their shelters and up to 100 individuals visiting the HUB in a day. Friendship’s Shelters is helping more than 160 homeless people sleep safe and warm each night. As you can see, they assist a lot of people and these hygiene kits and sack lunches will help them during the COVID-19 challenge time.
For any hygiene supplies donations, please sign up here:

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