During this national COVID-19 crisis, many people in the U.S. are coming together to lend their resources and talents to help our health care providers by donating or crafting much needed personal protective equipment (PPE). Since the start of the state-wide “Shelter-In-Place” order on March 18, 2020, SAP-VN volunteers have initiated 3 programs to help with these efforts. The 3 programs include: providing masks and face shields to local hospitals and nursing homes, providing care packages to seniors in our community, and sponsoring food donations to orphanages and senior homes in Vietnam.

Under the leadership of Anh Teresa Nguyen, SAP-VN’s Community Project Officer, Crystal Chau, SAP-VN’s Media and Publicity Officer, and Dr. Tam Nguyen, SAP-VN’s Mobile Care Pharmacist, SAP-VN has organized volunteers to sew cloth masks and make face shields that meet the guidelines provided by local hospitals and nursing home facilities. Funding for the materials came from local donations and SAP-VN’s local project budget. This labor of love to make and deliver the masks and face shields was performed by countless friends, neighbors, and family members of SAP-VN volunteers throughout southern California. As of April 10, SAP-VN has approximately 10,100 masks and have ordered materials to assemble over 5,200 face shields to donate to local hospitals and nursing homes. Additionally, we’ve had the opportunity to help one of our SAP-VN volunteers in the neighboring state of Nevada, Dr. David and Mai Tran, with their request for masks and face shields to donate to the Nevada University Medical Center. We also sent masks to the Portland police department in Oregon per request from our Oregon based volunteers.

Simultaneous with making and donating the requested PPEs, SAP-VN has also collaborated with other U.S. based Vietnamese non-profit organizations such as Tam Ky Project, to provide Care packages to local seniors who are living alone. Volunteers identify seniors who are in need of supplies, such as groceries, hand sanitizers, and masks. SAP-VN and Tam Ky Project deliver these needed products to the senior’s door steps in the form of Care packages. Such collaborative efforts are great examples of the widespread humanitarian and compassionate spirit that we all have for each other in times of need. For more information about our COVID-19 relief activities or how you can help, please read COVID-19 Relief Projects in USA and Vietnam.

As our country and communities struggle to overcome the havoc wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAP-VN will strive to assist those in need in any capacity which we are able. We are heartened by the overwhelming support from our volunteers and our generous donors during these difficult times. We call on ALL to continue our efforts and Together We WILL Make a Difference.

Face Masks Sewing

Face Shields Crafting

Date  Items Quantity Recipient Organization
1-Apr Surgical masks 200 Nevada University Medical Center
1-Apr Cloth masks 200 Nevada University Medical Center
1-Apr Cloth masks 110 Mission Palms Healthcare Center
1-Apr Cloth masks 240 CHOC, Riverside Community Hospital
31-Mar Surgical masks 350 Providence Little Company of Mary (San Pedro)
31-Mar Cloth masks 100 Providence Little Company of Mary (San Pedro)
2-Apr Cloth masks 50 Mission Palms Healthcare Center
3-Apr Cloth masks 100 Juvenile Hall and Orangewood Children and Family Center
6-Apr Cloth masks 140 Garden Park Care Center
6-Apr Cloth masks 300 Fountain Valley Hospital
6-Apr Cloth masks 100 Portland Police Department, Oregon
6-Apr Cloth masks 500 UC Davis Nursing Unit,
Kaiser Permanente Roseville,
Kaiser Permanente Morse
9-Apr Cloth masks 200 Providence Little Company of Mary (San Pedro)
9-Apr Shields 100 Providence Little Company of Mary (San Pedro)
8-Apr Cloth masks 200 Town and Country Manor
8-Apr Cloth masks 100 Huntington Park Nursing Center
8-Apr Shields 50 Huntington Park Nursing Center
8-Apr Shields 150 Nevada Univ Medical Center
8-Apr Masks 100 Juvenile Hall and Orangewood Children and Family Center
8-Apr Masks 200 VA Medical Center Long Beach
9-Apr Masks 100 UCI Medical Health
9-Apr Shields 50 UCI Medical Health
9-Apr Masks 190 Riverside Community Hospital
10-Apr Masks 50 Kaiser Permanente San Bernadino
11-Apr Masks 500 Facing Homelessness, Colorado
12-Apr Shields 50 Bolsa Medical Group
13-Apr Shields 110 Kaiser Permanente San Bernadino
13-Apr Shields 100 Quynh Kieu Clinic
13-Apr Shields 100 Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Virginia
13-Apr Shields 50 Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo
13-Apr Shields 100 CSUB Student Health Services
13-Apr Masks 162 CSUB Student Health Services
13-Apr Shields 10 VM Clinic
13-Apr Shields 10
13-Apr Shields 10 Ban Vo Clinic

How You Can Help

Feel free to donate your time or any amount to contribute to the creation of face masks and face shields. Anything helps! We are thankful for any donation!