NOTICE about Education Program

In July 2013, after almost 19 years, SAP-VN stopped the Free Meals Project at Da Thien school. The school is now able to support itself and no longer needs SAP-VN’s help.

About the Program

We currently support 30 students at Khanh Hoa Center for Education and Rehab for Special Need Children in Nha Trang. SAP-VN pays for tuition and meal fee for these students. The average cost per student is 120 USD/year.

Since April 1995, SAP-VN has sponsored the free meal program for students at Da Thien School for Disabled Children in Tan Thuan Tay village of Nha Be district, Saigon. The school serves 60 – 80 disabled students. Da Thien School for Disabled Children is managed by an excellent and dedicated staff led by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Mai, the school’s principal. SAP-VN is proud to be a sponsor of the Da Thien School For Disabled Children. The annual funding for the school is about $7,000.

To visit Da Thien School For Disabled Children, please contact: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Mai, 78/12 Ap 5 Xa Tan Thuan Tay, Quan 7 Nha Be, Sai Gon, Phone: 848-728167.

Education Program

Program Summary

Education Program Summary

How You Can Help

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