About the Program

Because of the severity of their disabilities, many children are not surgical candidates for our orthopedic surgery program since such operations might not improve their condition, and may even cause further complications. For these children, SAP-VN initiated “A Wheelchair For A Child” program to improve their mobility and independence.

For many handicapped children, a wheelchair makes a tremendous difference in their lives. Many have had to crawl on their hands and knees in order to move around.  There are even those that never left their homes! With a wheelchair these children can go to school or even work and become less of a burden for their family.

Wheelchair Program

Wheelchair Program

Program Summary

Wheelchair Program Summary

How You Can Help

Donate to one of our current projects. With only $300, you can give a child “A Chance to Walk.” By financing his or her orthopedic surgery, you are making a difference: changing their life.