2021- Heart Surgery (Quảng Nam) – 2 Patients

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2019 – Heart Surgery Patients (Quang Nam)

2019 – Heart Surgery Patients

Heart Surgery Patients 2019

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2012 Case – An Giang Children’s Fund

The congenital heart defect surgery project was initiated due to request for help from An Giang Children’s Fund. Surgery was performed at Saigon Pharmaceutical and Medical School Hospital in June 2012. Thanh Nguyen visited the children in August 2012. Their parents reported that they recovered well. All five children were in good health condition at the time of visit. The surgery cost after insurance payment was shared by An Giang Children’s Fund (30%) and SAP-VN (70%). The children are pictured below:

Heart Surgery Children

Đặng Ngọc Nghé (right) is pictured before his surgery at Saigon Pharmaceutical and Medical School Hospital. The surgeon at the hospital claimed that Đặng Ngọc Nghé (Tetralogy of Fallot) could have died if his surgery were delayed for another month. The surgeon believed that the surgery saved Nghé’s life.

huong's home

Hường’s Home

Nghe and Family

Thanh Nguyen visited Đặng Ngọc Nghé and his family.

FIVE CHILDREN FROM CHO MOI, AN GIANGHeart Surgery Children Diagnosis

*Ins: Government Health Insurance for children 12 or younger.
*LCF: Local Children’s Fund.

Program Summary

How You Can Help

With a generous donation of $2,500, you can give a heart to a poor child with a birth-defected heart.