Dear mobile care volunteers,

Amid the COVID-19 situation, regretfully the SAP-VN mobile care organizers have decided to cancel Mobile Care 2020.  In more than 20 years this is the first year SAP-VN mobile care has to be cancelled.  When we plan for mobile care 2021, those who are in 2020 team list will be given a 2 week head start to sign up, so please keep an eye out for our email at the end of the year.

We will start processing refund for your registration fees.  Those who paid by Zelle and Venmo will receive refunds by the same method of payment.  Those who sent in checks, if we haven’t cashed your checks, the checks will be voided and we’ll email to let you know.  If we have cashed your checks, we will issue to you a refund check.  If you don’t receive your refund in a week, please email and let me know.

Stay healthy, please continue your support for SAP-VN.  We hope to have the chance to work with you in Mobile care 2021.

Best regards,

Mobile care 2020 planning committee.

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